Denofa Commercial Port

Large deep-water quay

Denofa’s port facility is ISPS-certified, consists of a 510-meter deep-water quay, and handles more than 250 ship calls per year.

Loading and unloading of bulk cargo.

The port facility is central to Denofa’s logistics operations and is specially designed for the loading and unloading of dry and liquid bulk cargo. In addition to Denofa, several external companies utilize the port facility and infrastructure for loading and unloading liquid bulk cargo.

The location in Fredrikstad provides easy access from the Østlandet region and a short distance to the outer Oslofjord and Skagerrak.


The ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) is ratified by the IMO (International Maritime Organization), which is the UN’s shipping organization. The purpose is to increase maritime Safety and Security by establishing preventive measures to combat security threats against ships in international navigation and ports visited by such ships. The code is also aimed at preventing ships from being used to transport weapons, people, or anything else that could be used in terrorist activities. 

The Coast Guard (“Kystverket”) is responsible for the implementation of the ISPS Code and port security regulations in all Norwegian ports and port facilities covered by this legislation. The security measures at Denofa’s port facility are an integral part of the company’s work in Health, Environment, Safety, and Emergency Preparedness (HSE).  

Access to the port facility is restricted under national requirements, allowing only pre-approved personnel to access it. Ships or clients established within the ISPS port facility can receive visitors with prior approval, but this must be notified well in advance. All personnel within our ISPS port facility must have a temporary or permanent access card, and vehicles must have a valid vehicle permit issued by Denofa. It is also a requirement through regulation that individuals must carry valid identification (driver’s license, bank card with photo, or passport).

Inside the ISPS port facility, there is a general prohibition on photography and video recording. If there is a need for photography or recording, permission must first be sought from Denofa.

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