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Soy is one of the world’s most important crops for food production, containing up to 47% protein. Soybeans must be cultivated in areas with a warm and wet climate to naturally achieve such high protein levels. 

Soybean meal, soybean oil & lecithin

Every year, Denofa imports approximately 450,000 tons of soybeans from Brazil (60-80%), as well as Canada and the USA (20-40%), which are processed into meal, oil, and lecithin at the facility in Fredrikstad. The largest share of Denofa’s volumes is used to make high-quality feed for production animals. By adding our nutritious concentrate feed, Norwegian cattle farmers can use their homegrown grain or grass and still manage to provide their cows with a complete diet.


Product information

Non-GMO Denothin 62

Denothin 62 er Denofa’s brand name for soy lecithin (E322). Lecithin is a collective term for a group of compounds known as phospholipids or phosphatides, a natural emulsifier or stabilizer. Denothin 62 is extracted through water extraction from soybean oil.

Lecithin is produced under strict hygienic conditions and can be used directly in food without further processing.

Soy lecithin has many different applications in food, and Denothin 62 is an excellent emulsifier and stabilizer for margarine, baked goods, chocolate, coatings/glazes, and other food products. It also provides a smooth consistency in dressings and other creamy products.

The food industry is just one of many areas where lecithin is used. It is also used as a technically and nutritionally important component in dietary products and animal feed, in cosmetics, and the chemical and technical industry.

Non-GMO Soybean Meal

Nutritious and tailored feed is crucial for the quality of milk and meat products. Denofa’s soy meal is an important ingredient in feed for cattle, pigs, and poultry.

Denofa’s soy meal contains a favorable combination of easily digestible amino acids and a high content of lysine. Soy meal is produced through several process steps, with heat treatment (toasting) and drying concluding the process. The heat treatment step removes anti-nutritional factors (which are present in most types of seeds) and ensures that the dried and cooled meal is free from salmonella and other bacteria. Our requirements for hygienic quality are as high for our feed products as they are for food products.

Non-GMO Crude Soybean oil

Raw soybean oil is extracted from soybeans and then processed to extract the lecithin. The oil can be used directly as a concentrated energy source in feed or refined to edible oil quality. With its neutral flavor and excellent nutritional value, refined soybean oil is a key oil source for the food industry. Soybean oil stands out for its high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Soybean oil can also be used in industrial products.

Non-GMO SoyPass®

SoyPass is a specially processed meal developed for high-yielding cows. The meal is produced by
adding sugar (xylose), which reacts with the amino acids in the soy meal. This provides a highly digestible bypass protein, resulting in better utilization of the protein in cow feed compared to standard soy meal.

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